Substantial scientifically derived computer data supporting Creation theory

by Apr 13, 2019

Intelligent design

As scientist gather more computer data faster then in any other time in history the overall conclusion is that there is intelligent design in every aspect of this reality called life on Earth.

Despite the overwhelming computer data mankind has gathered and the discovery of DNA in every living cell. I am astonished at the huge number of individuals who still cling to the concept or theory of evolution as seen in the above video produced by living Waters and the Evangelist Ray comfort. As you can see in the video even when confronted with the Dynamics of a DNA molecule which in simplified terms is in fact a blueprint for life surrounded by it’s own logistic infrastructure and communications system. Beside the DNA molecule is a state of the art factory which will produce proteins from the amino acids which will then go on to produce cells tissues organs and finally the organism the DNA molecule is attempting to build or repair. The complexity of the DNA molecule is so far advanced than anything man has ever created, far more advanced than the international space station or the Hadron collider (CERN) in Switzerland. Mmmm how did a complex biological precise computer program get into every living cell ! And as you can plainly see in the video we have individuals thinly grasping onto the notion of Evolution that from “nothing” everything was created.

So I, and others are extremely disappointed when we see that evolution appears to be gaining ground due to the educational system. Therefore blinding and stifling our own children and young adults. They have been sold an evolution narrative that could only be considered Impossible by any measure of the word. Analysts and scientists who fully understand the impossibility of evolution due to the data that they are exposed to and have themselves gathered are reluctant to make an issue of the fact through fear of losing their jobs or reputation. On this page are videos and links to resources that support what I’m saying but let me give you a few example’s. The Sciences have many subcategories one of them is called computer modelling, whereby we are able to input data into a complex computer system and have the computer churns through a number of possibilities at an exponential rate giving us the results much faster than would be expected.

What is Evolution?

Now I would like to include some excerpts from a white paper written by Henry Morris called “The mathematical impossibility of evolution. But before we jump to the results here is an excerpt which describes the process of evolution “ According to the most-widely accepted theory of evolution today, the sole mechanism for producing evolution is that of random mutation combined with natural selection. Mutations are random changes in genetic systems. Natural selection is considered by evolutionists to be a sort of sieve, which retains the “good” mutations and allows the others to pass away. Since random changes in ordered systems almost always will decrease the amount of order in those systems, nearly all mutations are harmful to the organisms which experience them. Nevertheless, the evolutionist insists that each complex organism in the world today has arisen by a long string of gradually accumulated good mutations preserved by natural selection.”

A computer modelling expert is able to take that statement and turn it into mathematical data that the computer can work with and exponentially produce results that will determine the probability and likelihood of such a theory been possible on Earth. They’re have been many of these experiments all producing very un-supportive results or at best a planet covered in nothing but green algae even after 4 billion years. And even in that modelling result, you were given a planet that could support life in the first place. But going back to my point, check out some of the results from the white paper “the successful production of a 200-component functioning organism requires, at least, 200 successive, successful such “mutations,” each of which is highly unlikely. Even evolutionists recognize that true mutations are very rare, and beneficial mutations are extremely rare—not more than one out of a thousand mutations are beneficial, at the very most. But let us give the evolutionist the benefit of every consideration. Assume that, at each mutational step, there is equally as much chance for it to be good as bad. Thus, the probability for the success of each mutation is assumed to be one out of two, or one-half. Elementary statistical theory shows that the probability of 200 successive mutations being successful is then (½)200, or one chance out of 1060
. The number 1060, if written out, would be “one” followed by sixty “zeros.” In other words, the chance that a 200-component organism could be formed by mutation and natural selection is less than one chance out of a trillion, trillion, trillion, trillion, trillion! Lest anyone think that a 200-part system is unreasonably complex, it should be noted that even a one-celled plant or animal may have millions of molecular (parts)”

Just to bring that into perspective there are estimated to be 1086 Hydrogen atoms in the observable universe. And just to make sure that no individual can be comfortable with that number I will write it out the expression in full 1060 so that’s 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 TO 1 chance of evolving a 200 component organism. It’s a big number right ? Clearly anyone believing in this theory is on the wrong path and should be warned.

Now consider this interview with one of the worlds most top synthetic organic chemist from Rice university discusses the serious challenges faced by current origin of life research.

In this 3 volume series is the complete scientific data set, 90% of which your aren’t being told.

In Conclusion

If you have watched all the videos embedded in this article, and come this far, I salute you. You are clearly a rare soul and will stop at nothing to obtain the truth. With this knowledge comes a great responsibility. I seriously advise you to bookmark this page so you can refer back to it as you will surely need it.

I assembled this article after taking a 5 hour flight which due to an intense debate with my fellow passenger regarding evolution theory seemed to pass in a matter of minutes. He was a Business owner of some revolutionary new filter and an academic specialising in Biological Sciences. I was a field engineer working in multiple enterprise data centres and also worked in and around the IT technology for small business space. So although the debate was cordial (lets not forget we are on a plane). I found it silently frustrating that I could not recall all of the experiments and all of the models that mathematically and scientifically squashed the theory of evolution.

And here lies the big problem, the evolution theory has been spread globally through television and media. Vast numbers of people across the globe now accept it as fact, I have even seen a well known British author (RD) actually state that evolution is a fact during a talk at an American university crippling the minds of young adults. Reducing the human existence and mind down to base animal instincts. Removing all hope of a Spiritual Saviour.

And all this promotion to sell more books and corrupt more minds. I would ask all to do the research before promoting this dead theory. As do the scientists who are at the cutting edge of origin of life experiments such as Professor James Tour PH.D, and those who are experts in Astronomy such as Spike Psarris B.Sc.formerly an engineer in the United States military space program.

These two individuals had access to limitless resources and supercomputers and the scientific data that they produce. And therefore are in a prime position to discuss “the origin of life” theories and have soundly scientifically and mathematically discarded evolution theory. Both experts came to the conclusion that the Biblical account of creation is scientifically consistent with the evidence that we can see today.

So now you know that you are one of the rare few that are aware that evidence exists to crush the evolution theory which is popular in secular countries.

What will you do with this knowledge?


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