How to double your Investment in 10 Trades or Less.

by Aug 30, 2021

                How to double your Investment in 10 Trades or Less

PLEASE USE THE PERCENTAGE INCREASE CALCULATOR BELOW TO CONFIRM MY FINDINGS. The above graph is over 6 months, but actually over shorter periods the swings per day can be as high as 15% .

Whilst experimenting with WHEAT yield farming I noticed that the daily swings were quite drastic. This would  not be so optimal if  the coin cost was at it’s all time high, but whilst its at the bottom of it’s range the risks of a scalp trade are drastically reduced. There is extremely strong support below $3. Crypto has a very common attribute due to the low liquidity of “Popping” (like popcoin),  so as long as you take positions at a around $3 and exit at $3.60 -$3.70, the percentage gain calculator below shows you could make a gain of  20-23% before paying the high exchange fees in decentralised exchanges, but walking away with 15% per trade every 24 hours is quite possible. I am not a financial adviser obviously ! And this should be done with play money that has no financial bearing on your daily life. This would not be a good time to take your rent money to do this and i want to make that clear. But say we took a poultry $100 and doubled it every 7 days you would effectively be a millionaire in 70 days. That’s the hidden power of compound interest that has intrigued me for many years. Finding a reliable consistent way to double your money in short period without putting large  amounts of capital at risk. Interested in how my scalp trading went post a message in the comments:)

Percentage Increase Calculator
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