The Search for The Lost Book of Natural Remedies

by Sep 7, 2021

                Deciphering the Data in nature that brings us modern medicines

Deciphering the Data in nature that brings us modern medicines

Nature to this day has been an unlimited source of naturally derived remedy’s . Modern drug development has been dependant on the knowledge gained from ancient civilisations. Did you know, that most of the medicines we use today, have in fact been sourced from natural herbs, flowers, and fruits. They are in fact derived from lost remedies that were handed down to each successive generation long before doctors and hospitals ever existed.

There are some common remedies that have been passed down for centuries and in fact were even mentioned in the Bible. A few examples, I know you will be familiar with the use of mustard seed, rose petal and wormwood to treat pimples and scar tissue. Rose Petal is also used to treat  rashes, and can even be used to detoxify the skin. And as far as pimples go Wormwood is a very common remedy for these scars.

The beauty of these remedies is that they are naturally sourced and contain properties that will give the skin an effective anti ageing component. The first thing you should understand is that it is always beneficial to have natural ingredients, in particular plant extracts in your products. If you look online you can find some really amazing companies who have pioneered the creation of unique plant extracts with the ingredients. In a way it is a bit like “reverse-engineering” a solution for an ageing skin. For example, we know the benefits of vitamin C has an anti ageing effect, but it has been difficult to find sources of this vitamin. Now there are companies who have released “natural” vitamin C sources like citrus fruits and green tea. You will also find vitamins A, B3, and E.

And when you find a product with vitamin C you should test it on a tiny area of skin to ensure it will be safe. Vitamin C acts as an antioxidant which will repair damage, reduce wrinkles, fine lines and puffiness. It also has an ability to nourish the skin and aid with moisture. And finally, you should look for plant sources of vitamin C because they contain properties that will make the product an essential ingredient.

The beauty of using ingredients such as wormwood and mustard seeds is that you can get the beneficial properties of these ingredients without the risk of getting a bad reaction. Using products that are natural in nature is still safe and you will not feel any skin reaction. And when you wash your skin with soap it is important to use a little cream to absorb the water. It is important to remember that one should avoid topical application, because topical solutions will provide water that will have a negative effect on your skin. If you want a quick solution for your skin, then you should really look for natural products.

According to Newman and Cragg 2012, the utility of natural products as sources of novel structures is still alive and well. Up to 50% the approved drugs during the last 30 years are from either directly or indirectly from natural products

Can Nature’s pantry help with serious diseases ?

According to experienced herbalists Dr Sebi and Dr Nicole Apelian everything you need to heal yourself naturally is here in the earth . Not being a fan of subscription drugs and vaccines that have been rushed through the system at record turnaround times. Can a constant supply of pills and vaccines really be the answer? Is it possible that God in his infinite wisdom built within us a self reliant system to fight external attacks? Did you know that Research has been presented that proves that the bodies natural immunisation system, covers variants of Covid19 and last longer.  I myself manage my own health with plant based healthy eating and exercise. Having  reliable information of what is actually beneficial to support a healthy lifestyle in the inner cities, is the key component. 


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