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PC Hospital offers flexible dynamic pricing to accelerate the growth of your organisation or company. We will offer you a decreasing rate on pre paid hours in advance and a discounted onsite day rate. This can be arranged to run between the hours of 9 am – 7 pm weekdays. During the period any IT repair work can be requested. Or any IT related project can be managed or researched. Any specialist Consultant’s that are needed will be offered at industry rates and estimates submitted beforehand. Unused pre paid hours cannot be carried forward to the following month; the contractor will single out equipment requiring preventative maintenance towards the end of the month and use them.
Pre Paid Hours (monthly) Rate per hour Supplementary Hours Daily Onsite Visit (7+ hours pro rata) Example
160 £20.00 42 £200.00 Desk open all day
80 £22.00 42 £200.00 9 am – 1 pm
40 £25.00 42 £200.00 9 am – 11 pm
20 £35.00 42 £225.00 4 Hrs Response
10 £40.00 42 £250.00 4 Hrs Response
5 £41.00 42 £250.00 Next Business Day
2 £42.00 42 £250.00 Next Business Day

Advantage of out-sourced Contract

  • No tax and National insurance liabilities.
  • No company vehicle and expenses.
  • No recruitment fees.
  • No Holiday or sick pay costs.
  • Wide pool of experts in every field at your disposal.
  • Outsourcing allows companies to concentrate on their core business, leaving the IT operational aspects to experts.

Possible areas the hours could be used

  • PC, Server, laptop and network infrastructure repair or maintenance.
  • Online Virtual Private Servers and VPN maintenance.
  • Ad word Compaigns, website administration and updates.
  • Search engine optimization and adwords management.
  • Research and Development of new and emerging technologies and strategies.