What exactly is a network and what does it consist of? A network is a group of computers that are connected together and allow users on the network to use all of the resources. Computer networks can be used for many different reasons. One of them is communication which allows users to facilitate e-mail, instant messaging, chat rooms, telephone video calls and conferencing. There is also the ability to share hardware which allows each computer on the network to use the hardware resources such as printers. With your Network Installation, you will also have the ability to share files and data that are stored on the computers within the network. This is a very important feature on many networks.

Networks are classified by the hardware and technology used to connect them together. Some of these include optical fiber; Ethernet, wireless LAN, Home PNA, power line communications or Ethernet uses wires to connect the devices including hubs, switches, bridges and routers. Wireless LAN is designed to not require wires, instead uses infrared signals or radio waves. uses home cables such as coaxial phone lines and power lines to create a high speed connection.

So what happens when a network does not work or is having issues with connection or you have a virus that got through the protection? Well if you have an IT department, they can sometimes clear up the problem for you. But some in-house IT departments cannot handle serious or complex issues. In order to keep your network running smoothly and have issues fixed immediately, you should have an IT service and consult group that you use on a regular basis. Using a service like PC Hospital that can help you with your network installation and keep it running smooth and trouble free will help you to be more productive. We not only help small to medium sized business but also with a network installation in your home. Some of the services include connection issues, office moves, and network installation, data manipulation, anti-virus and security over your network. We also offer computer support solutions for remote computer hardware and software that a normal IT department may not be able to handle. We can also help to keep all Servers in the organisation running at tip top performance.