FREE Computer Repair Course – With Professional Certificate

by Aug 16, 2019

FREE Computer Repair Course

Google is now offering a Free Computer Repair and Support course on it’s online partners site. A collaboration with a well resourced Online Training provider that actually offers professional certificates. So if you have an interest in setting up a home pc repair service, or even a business pc repair service this course is for you.

Computer repair is not for the feint hearted, it will require long hours of study and looking through computer assembly blogs. Just as you fix one computer problem another hardware problem could occur. You really have to have the patience of a Saint and enjoy complex puzzles. Something I did quite a bit as a youth. If getting stuck into a Laptop Repair on Sunday afternoon get’s you more fired up than trudging up north to watch your football team loose. Your probably on the Geek spectrum and should definitely pursue a course in IT.

This free course which includes laptop repair fundamentals, to be fair the most common issue with tablets / smartphones ? Laptops is a broken screen repair. In time you will learn how to make these repairs yourself , they are surprisingly easy if your patient, the tricky part is making sure you have ordered the right screen and the accompanying sub parts that may be required to mount it back into the frame. But if you master it, one day you might be able to answer the call to fix a “Broken screen repair near me ”

The other benefit of the course is that you may be opened up to other skill sets that you may have. For example if you have Art skills such as free hand drawing or painting, that could give you an edge as a web designer, with time you could acquire the title of a web design specialist. These skill sets opens you up to another niche which requires both a web design guru and a marketing guru attributes to design and build MARKETING FUNNELS. These are the new advanced methods of converting visitors on a website. Funnel design specialists are very much sought after by companies looking for exponential growth.

The point is one skill set leads you into another, so if you keep in the industry long enough it is quite amazing what you pick up. So check out the free course above and perhaps you will have your own professional computer repair service in no time at all. One thing is for sure you will definitely have the aptitude to keep your own PC chugging along nicely:)


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