Computer Repair in Deptford and Docklands History of Technology

deptford royal docklands painting

Deptford, situated in the Royal Borough of Greenwich, is a historical landmine. The boarder of Surrey Docks, where we provide computer repair in Deptford and the surrounding areas, is home to such things as the first Royal Dockyard, Deptford Market and one of the world’s oldest stations, Deptford Railway Station. With Canary Wharf on the north bank and the Royal Naval College, now University of Greenwich, on the south bank, it is a highly important area of the Docklands.

The Royal Dockyard of Deptford, in Convoys Wharf, was built during Henry VIII’s reign in 1513; this was just the start, over the next few centuries the Docklands expanded, bringing in goods from around the world. Deptford’s Dockyard was where the warships were built and maintained but has since became synonymous with noteworthy admirals Sir Walter Raleigh and Sir Francis Drake, who Queen Elizabeth the First knighted on this site. Although now the technology associated with the area includes PC repair in Deptford among other things, just a couple hundred years back, it was at the forefront of innovative shipbuilding and design.

Royal Victoria Victualling Yard and Rum Stores


The Thames side entrance to Royal Victoria Victualling Yard, Deptford, is yet another historical landmark in the Royal Borough of Greenwich. Back in the day it was a place for naval ships to stock up on provisions before their long journeys across the seas. Pictured above are the gates and the rum stores, where rum that had been imported from the Caribbean was stored, leading to the immense wealth in London via the sophisticated banking system.

Another, less well known figure of Deptford is Samuel Pepys, who was a naval administrator and a Member of Parliament, but is now more known for the diary he kept in the seventeenth century. This diary has been an important primary source for English historians as it depicted, firsthand, the Restoration, the Great Fire of London, the Great Plague of London and the Second Dutch War. Nowadays, instead of a diary, it is not too hard to imagine that he would have blogged about these events, making use of our services like computer repair in Deptford, all the while being a big hit in social media.

So, thoughout the historical background of Deptford, pioneering technology has always played a major role in the advancement of the area. Nowadays, new technology is not reserved solely for the Navy or the Industrialist. The closest tech store is the PC world located on Old Kent Road. We at PC Hospital also offer cost effective computer services, specialising in Computer and PC repair in Deptford, and are available for call outs within 24 hours. Computer advice and help is also offered via our phone number 0203 714 3567.

Deptford Docklands Map

Computer Repair in Greenwich, Can this be True?!

01.Greenwich Picture Thames View Greenwich University

Greenwich, situated in south east London (SE10), is home to many tourist attractions and has a rich, naval, historical background. Among the wealth of historical sites are also many useful modern day necessities such as the Astronomy Centre, the O2 Centre, a variety of restaurants and computer repair in Greenwich. Overlooking the Thames with transport links via the Docklands Light Railway, Greenwich is easily accessible from the heart of London and can make for a great day out sight-seeing for tourists, locals interested in their area’s history and newcomers finding their way in south east London.

One of the most globally known landmarks of Greenwich is the Royal Observatory due to it being the location of the Prime Meridian, the basis of longitude and Greenwich Mean Time. Built in 1675 for King Charles II, the observatory was used to trace the stars across the sky; it now stands as a divider between the west and the east which draws in visitors in their thousands. It is also home to a 4.5 billion year old asteroid and holds exhibitions as well as providing free entrance to the Astronomy Centre.

Another main attraction is the Cutty Sark, a Nineteenth century sailing ship from a time before technology, smart phones, tablets and PC repair in Greenwich existed. In her heyday, this ship passed through all the major ports of the world and was primarily a cargo ship weighing 963 tons at a length of 280 feet. Although compared to modern day container ships of up to 12,000 feet, the Cutty Sark may sound small but at the time she was considered large and powerful, able to withstand rough seas and stormy weather. It has been restored to its former glory and now resides a couple minutes walk away from the Cutty Sark DLR station, holding tours and giving visitors a unique experience.

When in Greenwich, a trip to the market is a must, from food stalls offering delicacies from around the world, perfect for a snack or lunch, to local, independent boutiques and stalls selling an assortment of decorative and handmade one-of-a-kind items such as clothes, ornaments, accessories and jewellery. It is one of London’s top 10 markets and is open all week excluding Mondays. As well as the specialist products, like antiques, arts and crafts, and homemade foods, that the market can offer, the area as a whole can provide important services such as computer repair in Greenwich if the need so arises.

Technology, although not obvious at first, is available in the Royal Borough of Greenwich with a PC World and Currys situated in Charlton. PC repair in Greenwich is also something that is offered by PC Hospital which services the area. On occasions, computer repair appointments can be arranged within 90 minutes of calling the office, and at the very least PC Hospital will offer same day services. In addition to repairs, free computer and technology help and advice can be offered providing you give them a call. They can be reached  on a local number 0203 714 3567.